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Drug crimes

Drug-related charges can come from both state and federal levels. Even the smallest charges of possession can lead to jail time, which may lead to strict penalties and forfeiture of assets such as your home, your vehicles, and your bank accounts. More severe charges can lead to harsh sentences due to United States sentencing guidelines.


Criminal defense attorney Gregory M. Johnson is dedicated to fighting for the rights of those accused of felony and misdemeanor involving drug crimes and has built a reputation for high-quality defense. Call us at 302-777-3370. It is critical to obtain aggressive legal counsel as soon as possible following any arrest to help uphold your rights and offer the best chance of success.

Gregory M. Johnson Attorney at Law is passionate about protecting the rights, freedom, and future of his clients. It is important to work with dedicated counsel on your side due to the aggressive stance that the state and federal government take on any drug crime. One simple call protects you and ensures high-quality representation regarding:

Delaware drug crime defense attorney

Being convicted of a drug crime can have a devastating impact on your life, your family, and your future. It is crucial to retain effective counsel to protect you during every step of the process and thoroughly examine the circumstances of your arrest to determine whether your rights were upheld during search and seizure. We can help. Call 302-777-3370 or simply fill out the contact form for prompt response to any question you might have.

Gregory M. Johnson is dedicated to getting you and your life back on track.

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• Drug possession

• Drug trafficking

• Possession of marijuana

• Illegal use of prescription drugs

• Drug distribution

• Possession of drug-related paraphernalia

• Possession of an illegal narcotic